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MEET THE FOUNDER - Christopher Danielsen

For many, being creative is an enigmatic aspect, and it is often difficult to identify what has driven their impulse or the elements that inspired them. For Christopher Danielsen, his interest in fashion began with a dream that his daughter envisioned.

When one chooses a career path for design or freelance art, it demands a constant supply of creativity. They will need continued inspiration for their work and stimulation for their imagination. Christopher Danielsen allows the interest in people's fashion to continue his line of excellence in the clothing design industry. He follows this interest of others to provide a range of quality clothing many have begun to expect and appreciate in the industry.


The design process of creating a new line of merchandise takes months of researching current fashion trends and then predicting where the future trends lead. Trend reports, along with the fashion industry's history, help creative designers, such as Christopher Danielsen, find their path to follow.

The creating phase of a new line takes the vision swirling through his mind's eye and puts it into a visual that one can see and imagine wearing. From this rough sketch or model, a specific pattern can be created. This process is why it takes someone like Christopher Danielson to become a success as a clothing designer with an artistic eye and intuitive personality.

For those following the path of design, a crucial source of inspiration is in the works of fellow designers and that of design history, which provides a solid grounding. Some of the great names who have inspired Christopher Danielsen include Channel and Kate Spade. Kate Spade handbags grew from only the colorful, lively bags to the infused classic shapes and colors that have become iconic in the market.

Another great name in the handbag industry that has inspired Christopher Danielsen is Louis Vuitton. This brand has become one of the world's most valuable luxury brands as it is it's policy to personalize and design quality goods for even the most demanding of customers. Gucci has also given Christopher inspiration as these designs are timeless and innovative. He appreciates how Gucci takes center stage in the fashion industry with his maximalist and bold pieces.


Christopher Danielsen targets customers who can blend into the outfitter's section with a little of the Gucci appeal. In the outfitter's section of the clothing industry, you will find shops that specialize in certain styles of clothing. More specifically, the outfitter style targets those who enjoy outdoor activities. Christopher takes the outfitter design and then mixes it with bold pieces for those looking to stand out from the rest when enjoying their activities.

Christopher Danielsen has also been inspired by Italian clothing designer Brandy Melville who was bold enough to offer a line of clothing as one-size-fits-all. Christopher's crop top baggy pants style follows this trend with extreme success. In the outfitter category of fashion, these pants are incredibly comfortable for any outdoor activity or casual lounging around.

Having become a clothing designer means Christopher Danielsen has surpassed the difference between creating 'designer' clothing items and the 'normal' clothing pieces. His line of designer clothing is of higher quality as he uses the best fabrics without compromise, so if you purchase a piece from Christopher's line, you know you’ll be purchasing quality.

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